New Patients – Orthodontics

new dental patient form - EvanstonYour First Visit With Our Evanston Orthodontist
We are excited to welcome new patients to our orthodontic practice. Our staff works as a team to help you and your family feel comfortable at our office.  Dr. Melvin Dillard offers a FREE consultation to all children and adults.

1st Appointment: Free Consultation
During your free orthodontic consultation, Dr. Dillard will do an evaluation of the patient’s face, jaws and teeth. Dr. Dillard will inform you of the need for orthodontic care.  Early evaluation will allow him to carefully watch the teeth, jaws and bite change as your child grows. He will suggest the best time to begin the orthodontic treatment for the most efficient and predictable results.

It is recommended that adult patients have other dental care completed prior to beginning orthodontic treatment. Dr. Dillard will communicate with your general dentist to insure that the orthodontic treatment begins after the teeth and gums have been restored to optimum health.

Financial arrangements and dental insurance benefits, if applicable, will also be discussed at this appointment.  Read more about our payment plans..   

2nd Appointment: Taking Diagnostic Records

When orthodontic treatment is indicated, Dr. Dillard will schedule an appointment for diagnostic records that commonly include:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Dental charting
  • Photographs
  • Dental impressions

Dr. Dillard will use these diagnostic records to identify the right treatment for you or your child.

3rd Appointment:  Treatment Presentation & Begin Treatment

At this appointment, Dr. Dillard will meet with the patient and and their parents in a private consultation to discuss the orthodontic treatment plan. He will answer all of your questions and share the results of the diagnostic records.  We will begin orthodontic treatment at this appointment.

Contact our Evanston dental specialty office for more information on the treatments that we offer or to schedule your first orthodontic visit!